About Us

Our Vision 

At the heart of every kid lies a wealth of curiosity and imagination. Piper’s mission is to inspire kids to unlock their innate creative potential, and in turn, inspire the next generation of inventors. Today’s kids have over abundant access to technology phones, computers and gadgets that come in beautiful packages, but leave no room for tinkering or understanding how it works. This figuring out, and understanding to how things work is critical to understanding and making sense of our environment and futures. Piper impacts kids globally by growing confidence around being creators of technology instead of passive, inactive learning consumption. Piper creates inspiring, thought provoking and confidence building solutions that inspire and empower the creators of tomorrow to build, explore and tinker with technology, to help them invent the future. 

About Piper

Headquartered in San Francisco CA Piper, is a leading STEM education startup that empowers inventors of tomorrow through technology-driven play. The Piper team is made-up of inventors, parents, scientists, artists, engineers, dreamers and explorers. Led by Princeton graduate Mark Pavlyukovskyy and MIT graduate and Stanford fellow Joel Sadler PhD, Piper launched in 2014 and has raised $10.1 million in funding from Owl Ventures, Reach, SV Tech Ventures and Stanford’s StartX Fund. The Piper Computer Kit helps kids build confidence through hands-on learning about electronics, coding and more. Thousands of Piper Computer Kits are used in hundreds of schools around the world. Piper is the leading STEM educational toy on Amazon, and is available to consumers via major retailers and directly from the Piper website.

The Piper Computer Kit, Piper's first product, was launched in 2015 with a successful Kickstarter campaign that raised $282,000 and received an endorsements from Apple creator Steve Wozniak and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. In 2016, a $2.2M seed round of funding was closed and the Piper Computer Kit went global with sales to schools and parents in over 20 countries. Piper Computer Kit remains the highest rated STEM product on Amazon. 

Piper Computer Kit 

The Piper Computer Kit is a STEM product, for kids 8 - 14 to learn how to build and program electronics at home or at school.  Kids begin the Piper experience by building the Piper Computer Kit, a fully functioning computer, following a real engineering blueprint. Once built, kids play our educational Raspberry Pi Edition of Minecraft games that teaches them electronics in the game and then instructs them to build an electronic smart device that powers up the game. 

Parents and teachers love that kids are engaged while learning complex engineering. Kids love the experience of playing games and building electronics. 

Learning Development 

Creative confidence is the measurement we look to impact with students. We have conducted Stanford developed surveys and found that kids who use Piper show an 25% growth in creative confidence around building electronics. That number grows to 54% for kids that rate themselves with low confidence when starting a Piper program. These results are from 78 sixth grade students who completed Piper lessons at two different schools. 
As students progress through Piper curriculum, kids learn the electronics and programming skills necessary to invent solutions to the problems that surround them. These skills include building, parallel circuitry, breadboarding, problem solving, critical thinking and growth mindset. 

Our Motivation 

Every day, there are countless of kids all over the globe who change their perception of their abilities and what they believe they are capable of by engaging with Piper. Seeing the difference we make in the lives of these kids is both exhilarating and humbling.

Piper Founder’s Bios 

Mark Pavlyukovskyy CEO, Founder Piper, Inc.
Born in the Ukraine and educated in America and the UK, Mark has always been a tinkerer, naturally interested in finding creative ways to solve problems. Mark attended Princeton University and The University of Oxford. Working as a biologist, Mark went to Ghana and used video games to teach kids about kids about public health. However, he found out that the reason public health wasn’t so good there was not because of any lack of knowledge, but rather the lack of infrastructure and tools necessary for change. 
"I thought, why am I doing research in a lab, pipeting all day long, when I could be creating something that could impact millions of kids everywhere, and give them a way to move forward themselves."
The trip to Africa led him to be inspired to change his focus at The University of Oxford, towards the early prototypes of what became Piper.
You can watch a video about the story behind Mark’s vision for Piper and what we hope to empower kids to do here.
Mark has been named to 2018 Forbes 30 Under 30 in Education.

Dr. Joel Sadler, Cofounder, CTO Piper, Inc.
Joel recognized during his undergrad at MIT that having access to the right tools can empower people to improve themselves. His knowledge of building great products and using feedback from users was further strengthened when after working on special projects at Apple for Steve Jobs, he ended up doing a Computer Science project at Stanford. There, he and three other students helped create an affordable prosthetic knee called Jaipurknee. The product was then revamped at D-Rev, a nonprofit incubator that works on providing affordable prosthetics in low-income communities. Now, Jaipurknee is used by thousands of individuals around the world.
"I think anyone, and everyone has the potential to invent."
To learn more about Joel, his passion for empowering people to invent things, and about his work with Jaipurknee, watch his TEDxJamaica.
Dr. Joel Sadler, (MIT/Stanford), and the Jaipurknee, voted Time Magazine Top 50 Inventions of the year, joined as a co-founder in 2014 while he was completing his Stanford thesis entitled "Enabling Novices to Prototype Electronics."