About Us


Piper provides equitable access to STEAM education by demystifying technology for students, teachers and families.


  • Inspire: Piper empowers the inventors of tomorrow by helping them make connections today. Piper helps students’ and families understand technology from the inside out. Piper inspires parents to connect with their student’s education and inspire children to feel connected to STEAM today and for the rest of their lives.
  • Empower: Give students the tools, information, and understanding required to be empowered in STEAM and education. Provide users the information needed, along with the opportunities and curiosity to learn more.
  • Guide: Piper is centered around demystifying technology.
  • Connect: Piper provides real connections. It's a hands-on, fun, dynamic and challenging learning discovery that help both students and parents understand the value of STEAM and computer science.
  • Engage: Piper helps students engage with STEAM every step of the way. Piper fosters an engaging, hands-on, collaborative environment where learning can prevail and connections can be made.

Piper Boilerplate:

About Piper

Piper, Inc. founded in 2014, and located in San Francisco, CA is an award-winning STEAM education company committed to providing quality STEAM learning experiences to students in K-12 classrooms around the globe. Piper creates classroom solutions that are student-centered, hands-on and backed by the most current pedagogy. Piper supports educators with an easy to implement curriculum for teaching STEAM that is standards-aligned along with teacher professional development to ensure successful implementations. Piper’s goal is to build confidence in STEAM through project-based learning, spread digital fluency to students of all backgrounds and inspire the inventors of tomorrow. Piper is available for the classroom and for individual learners at home. Piper is available for purchase at https://www.playpiper.com/products. 

To learn more visit: https://www.playpiper.com.