Piper Team

  • Shree Bose


    Shree is a Harvard graduate, winner of the inaugural Google Global Science Fair, and a passionate STEM advocate. She cofounded Piper to inspire the next generation of innovators.

  • Dave Lundgren


    Dave is a veteran technologist, who brings decades of experience from Apple, Pixar, and other successful companies to steward Piper’s vision, mission, direction, and impact.

  • Chris Bouman

    COO (Chief Operating Officer)

    Chris is an expert of all things toys, having led international strategic partnerships and events for the Hot Wheels brand at Mattel. He brings his decades of experience to oversee all Piper sales and operations.

  • Sue Warhaftig

    VP of Sales

    Sue brings a wealth of marketing and client development experience to direct education and consumer sales at Piper. She is also an accomplished abstract artist, with pieces sprinkled throughout homes and galleries worldwide.

  • Chris Bouman

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Nate Macheel

    Operations Manager

    Nate manages day-to-day operations of Piper's Made-in-the-USA production. Prior to joining Piper, he worked as a licensed river guide, with certifications in first aid and wilderness first response.

  • Kate Hay

    Sales Manager

    Kate brings years of experience with STEM education companies to drive goal-oriented sales and customer success for schools, districts, and education clients using Piper products in the classroom.

  • Tracy Shollenberger

    Director of Finances

    Tracy brings extensive expertise in finance, accounting, budgeting, and reporting. She is a CPA and University of Massachusetts, Amherst graduate.

  • Matthew Matz

    Product Development Specialist

    Matt leads development of the Piper Make platform, creating new software and hardware. He is a middle school science and engineering teacher in Oregon, who enjoys DIY-ing in his home in his free time.

  • Karen Gonzalez

    Marketing Associate

    Karen manages Piper's social media channels and community engagement initiatives. She is currently a Robertson Scholar, majoring in CS and psychology in a joint program between UNC-Chapel Hill and Duke University.

  • Shameeka Emanuel

    Board Member

    Shameeka is a Diversity STEM Specialist at Google. She has launched products and programs in the IT sector, applying engineering, design and human development principles through an innovative multidisciplinary approach.