Engaging students has always been one of my passions. How does [this] apply to the real world? How can we use this for our benefit?...Piper brings that to the table, and [as a teacher], I appreciate that.

Karen Wright, 8th Grade Teacher, Kihei, Hawaii

The Piper Computer Kit sparked] lots of creative and constructive conversations. Even the quietest [student] was actively participating in putting the kit together… as a teacher, it makes me happy to see all students – ELL, SpEd, and [general education] students – excited about learning and taking risks.

Rosa Hernandez, Teacher, Los Angeles, CA

All students deserve access to materials [like the Piper Computer Kit] that stimulate their minds, spark their interests, and [encourage] 21st century thinking

Allison Gustorf, Teacher, Los Angeles, CA

As an educator who is a Piper customer, I have observed kids attain the maker-mindset and start on the road to becoming creators of technology rather than simply learning passively… I am convinced that the success they experienced completing the exercises gave them the confidence they needed for such an undertaking. Does Piper instill confidence [in students]? It does.

Paul Tremblett, Teacher, Southwest Virginia

Our seven year old loves his Piper laptop (so does his brother to his dismay). With minimal support he was able to build the kit and was up and running in no time. He enjoyed the missions so much he would wake up early so that he could work on them in the mornings before school. I highly recommend the product (in fact I liked it so much I suggested it to our school's superintendent as something they should look into).


This is an incredible teaching tool and platform. There's a ton of educational products on the marketing trying to get kids interested in STEM - things like Snap Circuits, Goldieblox, LittleBits, Lego Mindstorms, even code.org. The problem is that they are good at the science, but aren't actually "fun".

John Wei

From the physical assembly of the box and components to the virtual problem-solving in the game, this is a great way to make computers seem more accessible. Our son devoured it the way he does a new Lego set.

Ed Wagner

It is well worth the investment and I would (and have) recommend it to anyone that will listen. Amazing little device with unlimited potential.

Katie Cooper

solving these "problems" with my son, helped him see how easily fixable these sorts of problems were and are. The piper website has an amazing forum, that my son found easily navigable for him to look for tips when he wasn't able to solve something on his own.

Brian Mahony

I like how they teach kids to build this computer step-by-step explaining concepts in easy form. All details are nicely done. There are tons of small details that make you understand the people who designed it love what they do. I have already ordered two as presents for my friends.

Vassili Philippov

Talk about COOL! Our 10-year-old son can't stop saying, "I LOVE THIS." And he does! He built the set himself and has been working through the instructions using story mode and loves it. He feels super encouraged about his abilities to build, code and learn - and it's great to see him perfecting his skills while having fun!

Julie Harris

Got the two units up and running with a little help from the wonderful staff at Piper. The family at Piper is wonderful and extremely supportive, especially with computer illiterates like me. The concept of the game is very intriguing. Instead of just playing a game on a device, this game makes you see how a computer is build.

Donna Fraher

Piper is truly amazing. My 9 and 11 year old daughters could not wait to set it up. Once we had it running they dove right in without fear. They love the game so navigating was seamless to them. Piper may seem intimidating to adults but trust me, it is not intimidating to your kids. They will love it.

David Kohl

The materials are high quality and the design is thoughtful. Educational and fun, there's no other product like it. I hope Piper takes this clever concept a step further and incorporates Raspberry Pi programming into the process for the user. Keep an eye on Piper . . . this is only the beginning I suspect.

Patrick N. Chastain

My grand daughter learnt the pieces: motherboard, connectors, battery, screen. We talked about how computers worked (with the immense help of google for some terms and systems). That night, her face was glowing with excitement and pride. We spent the next several days 'playing' with it for an hour or so every day. Discovering what it could do or not. I was concerned that she would get bored as it is not a fancy colored machine, but it beat up any app and game she had for two reasons: she MADE it, and she felt she UNDERSTOOD it.

Alicia Castillo Holley

if you have the gamer/bookworm kid this is a gauranteed hit! My son doesn't get too excited about anything outside computers and games... but he was grinning the whole way through.

E. Hurl

Great tool! My son has really started learning how to work on computers and develop a foundation for what could potentially become a career in his life.

Michael Bredthauer

LOVE LOVE LOVE so worth the money. It makes learning such a fun and hands on approach. Watching my two enjoy building from the box up was so fun.

April Waggoner

My son hates school and says he hates to learn. But he LOVES his PIPER and doesn't realize how much he is learning. Thank you PIPER for challenging my son!

Brian Curtsinger

I used this with a fifth grader. He had a lot of fun, and it motivated him to do his homework. We used this as a reward for completed work. The on-screen instructions explain what to do. The circuits that you build become more complex. The story world that it's based on is well done.

Dirk B. Gifford

The kit is fantastic, and the tech support is second to none. My daughter is quite deightfully improving her computer literacy without even noticing.

Mark Timms

I purchased this for my daughter whom was 5 at the time for Christmas 2016. Her and my husband enjoyed putting Piper together as well as navigating through it. This is still being played with daily almost a year later and will be passed on to my son once he is old enough to understand it. Best purchase thus far!!

Florence Barnes